Thursday, January 21, 2010

Analogy b/w Cartoon Channel and News Channel

Today while having lunch in my company, I saw a news in which Dogs , one of the most faithful animal which will make you remember 14 syringe ( now only 5 ) , were dressed like prince & princess and they were walking on the ramp like our models use to do.. Suddenly their fitness mantra was on the TV. They were found running on treadmills, Atleast our fatty Hawaldars , whose concentration of mass lies at their stomach, should have must see this EXCLUSIVE ( according to news channel ). There are lots of news like this where News channels are showing these types of news in daily basis.....Some of like "Raat dhalte hi khatarnaak ho jaati hai Jaadugar pariya "... blah blah blah...... First few days i thought that they have gone insane by showing all these things but later on i discovered that they are actually competing with Cartoon channel....
You people must be got mazed......
But think deeply and trace out analogy between two....

Cartoon Network & News Channels

Both can be seen for favourite time pass.

Cartoon channels are generally used for time pass . Now if you will see serious news on TV u'll get bored by seeing same Dirty politics , rape, lootmar, who ditched whom etc.... But just switch on to these lovely news channel you'll start laughing ..... The content of news is so humorous that u'll have to hold your stomach. Lets have loook on some news content.....
" Aaj ramlal ne apne kutte ko nahlaya"
" Billi chaat par 24 ghante baithi thii "
" One dog - Hum v ab kasrat karenge "

Most humorous part of the content is about its frequency in which it get flash every 1 min.....
U'll see one clip in Cartoon network but if you have miss something in EXCLUSIVE News , you can see after you came back from your natures call... ( This shows the intensity of flashing of the news )


Creativity acts as salt in Cartoon channel..... And in similar way the creativity to present these news in front of whole country is awesome..... I really salute to those who narrate the incidents in such a humorous way......

Your fav Characters

If I'll ask my niece " Who is her favourite cartoon character ? " Most prob "Sinchan will be the nearest answer"
But if i ask my colleagues about the " favourite time pass & humorous channel ?".. They will going to say " these are not channnels , These are Characters"

These all are different shades of cartoon Character

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