Thursday, August 29, 2013

Unforgettable Moment...

Tell me any moment which impacted your mind in such a way that it will resides forever in your life ? Question was shooted at me when I was attending Interview at S.P Jain Management college, Mumbai. My thought went to Year 1998  when I was in 8th class. In night , while having dinner , I took vegetable cooked by Maa. I took lots of vegetable and without thinking whether I will be able to consume or not. After dinner, with left over vegetables in my utensil I throw it in dustbin. Maa got angry and told father about it. My father called me and he told me how 30 % of Indian sleep without meal. It was just like lecture for me who used to hear like any other day.

After 2 month, I was waiting for my school bus . My bus-stand was nearby a petrol pump where there were  small shops. Suddenly I heard "Chiiiii Chiiii" , "Yuck" word from my friends. I thought, what happened. I was dumbstruck to see the sight. One man , with barely no clothes, covered with newspaper. But it was more shocking to see that he was having human excreta as breakfast . I felt very sorry for that guy. I don't know, that feeling was very uneasy. I board the bus when it arrived . Throughout the journey from bus stop to school, I was thinking about my father lecture.

That Day, I just promised myself, that in future I will never waste any food. Till today, I follow my promise and also suggest my friends not to waste the precious food.

If you read this post, Please promise yourself that You will never waste food.

I remember line from Ramdhari Singh Dinkar, a famous hindi writer,


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