Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Thanks .. Aussie Cricket Management...

Today morning, when my door bell rang , i wake up and opened the door sluggishly. I saw Newspaper fixed at my door. Hawker smiled at me ( seems day will pass happily... remembering the same episode few days before and its aftereffect. ).
TOI Headlines : - SUICIDE OR MURDER ? NIRBHAYA MAIN ACCUSED FOUND HANGING IN TIHAR ( aacha hai.. maar gaya saala... He and his 5 friends deserve this only..)
second news : - SPIELBERG PLANS FILM BASED ON INDO-PAK BORDER ( I respect Mr. Spielberg for his great movies .... Well, after BORDER, LOC KARGIL and other movies we will going to watch another great movie... )
This news caught my attention. When i read full story, I found 4 Aussie players sacked to enforce discipline. Vice captain Shane Watson, James Pattinson, Usman khawaja and Mitchell johnson were punished for not submitting their presentations to the team management . The players failed to make a presentation on how to improve their personal as well as team's performance after humiliating defeats. ( I was dumbstruck ... Presentation..... Aacha aisa bhi hota hai kya ? )
I ponder, If Aussie's have achieved so much , there must be something which has led them to reach at the summit in the past....
Every student , once in lifetime , get PRAVACHAN from his/her teacher for DISCIPLINE . And the day U move away from line of discipline,  U will land up with empty hand.
In past also , Australia dropped Symonds for indiscipline act ( though they lost the next match but they were still firm on its decision.)  Kudos to Aussie Cricket Management... Win or Loss is not important. Important is that, the decision that you took to stop other peoples from breaking disciplines.

Today, Aussie cricket management has redefine the meaning of DISCIPLINE and I personally thanks for enriching my thoughts which will help me in every sphere of life ....

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